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Our Human Resources Consulting services have remained central to our offerings

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We summarize primary points of concern, provide key phrases or words to use during the conversations. When invited we are a neutral party in the room helping to navigate the conversation, support maintaining professional engagement, negotiate outcomes, conduct investigations, culture climate evaluations and provide corrective actions. Our services are here to listen and guide either leaders or staff in professional and legal options:

    • Consultations:
      • Employees frequently have questions about employer practices, policy interpretations, and employment law. When in doubt, reach out to Noble Hearts and speak with our certified HR consultants for answers to your questions

    • Coaching:
      • In a VUCA world, effective communication is critical! Supporting employees in objectively transferring their feelings into words; prioritizing concerns; and summarizing thoughts into key points. Strategically preparing for complex conversations or navigating difficult situations is what we provide.

    • Employer Monthly Retainer:
      • A monthly subscription service ideal for startups and mid-size employers. Our HR on Standby program provides businesses with a fixed number of support hours per month from a senior HR professional. HR services when and how you need it, without incurring the high costs of hiring full-time staff. Requires a 60 day commitment and a minimum of 5 hours per month.
At Noble Hearts we have a deep understanding of Non-Profit HR operational structures. When we partner with non-profits, we can provide support while keeping the core purpose of your organization at the heart of everything we do.
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