Human Resources For Non-Profits

Noble Hearts deepens its extensive experience in the sector by working with a growing list of non-profits

We offer free introduction calls with the founder of NobleHearts HR Consulting, Matinah Drew. Hear first hand how we can best aid your HR ventures and get started on creating HR processes that are logical and timeless.

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Our Nonprofit Consulting Assignments Are:

    • Fractional HR Services
    • Workshop and retreat and design facilitation
    • Leadership and staff coaching
    • Facilitate organizational change
    • Conduct internal investigation

10 Human Resource Challenges Nonprofits Face

  1. Engagement and Satisfaction
  2. Recruiting and Retention
  3. Getting volunteers
  4. Employee engagement (problem solving and interpersonal)
  5. Offering competitive compensation and benefits
  6. Establishing culture where people want to stay for lesser pay and less benefits
  7. Increased remote work and contract employees
  8. Greater inclusion and reduced bias in hiring
    • Attracting a diverse pool of candidates
    • Retaining minority groups on staff/retaining a diverse staff
    • Implementing engagement practices for a diverse staff
    • Creating and/or maintaining a culture of inclusiveness
    • Obtaining and/or maintaining at senior leadership levels
    • Obtaining and/or maintaining diversity on the board
    • Establishing accountability for diversity objectives, initiatives, or programs
    • Obtaining leadership buy-in on the importance of diversity
  9. Attracting and retaining the right talent over other sectors
  10. Developing leadership training
    • Moving people up too quickly
    • Compromising candidate quality
    • Creating programs to develop leadership, DEI understanding,
    • Less instinct more customized/tailored programs

Thankfully, we can help with each of those areas and much more. Use the button below to find out how today.

At Noble Hearts we have a deep understanding of Non-Profit HR operational structures. When we partner with non-profits, we can provide support while keeping the core purpose of your organization at the heart of everything we do.
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