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James L. Hayes CPA & Company
Client of Noble Hearts:

“Matinah has a knack for finding the right talent”.
“Noble Hearts did a phenomenal job at finding the right talent quickly and smoothly, all while making it easy for me”.

Christy Cunningham
Fischbach USA.
Client of Noble Hearts:

“We have worked with them before and they did a fantastic job. Excellent Consulting Services and Customer Support.”

John McGuigan
Former Executive Director of the Hudson Valley at CP Unlimited (formerly Cerebral Palsy Associations of New York State).
John was a client of Noble Hearts:

“I can highly recommend Noble Hearts HR Consulting. Their dynamic approaches to assessment through solution make you feel like you have a highly skilled Human Resources army on your side. The depth of knowledge and cutting edge strategies that NHHRC has at their disposal will benefit any kind of organization.”

Christal Montague
MSW, LMHC, CASAC, CARC. Outreach Development Corporation.
Client of Noble Hearts:

"Outreach is a non-profit human services organizaon located in NYC. We contracted Noble Hearts HR Consulng for staffing support in 2019 and 2021 for the roles listed below. The specific services included sourcing acve and passive candidates, conducng interview screenings, and making referrals of top candidates to hiring managers. Through their services, we were successful in finding strong candidates that matched qualificaons and culture fit. I recommend the organizaon to support your long-term or temporary staffing needs."

Latoya Hopkins
Director of Human Resources and Talent Development, Community Services Inc.
Client of Noble Hearts:

"Community Based Services is a non-profit human services organization located in Putnam County that provides residential services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We contracted Noble Hearts HR Consulting for staffing support in 2021 for Direct Support Professionals. Weekly for the duration of the contact the company provided between 15 to 25 candidates weekly to fill residential and day program staffing needs. The team at Noble Hearts customized the strategies to align with the preferences of the organization and worked extended hours to achieve targeted goals, while upholding the budget. I recommend the organization to support your long term or temporary staffing needs."

Markus Fort
Partner at SQRL, ZipHire, & DraftHire
Client of Noble Hearts:

"We reached out to Matinah for help on an executive search, and we were very pleased with her output, professionalism, and organization. When outsourcing aspects of the recruiting process, it is essential that we can maintain the quality of our work. There was never a doubt with Matinah! I highly recommend her services to help your company find great talent!"

Anthony P. Blackburn
LCSW, LCDC, MBA, MA, Policing With Insight, Founder, Texoma Counseling Associates, Owner
Client of Noble Hearts:

"I had a fantastic experience with Matinah. She helped me identify a hard to source team member I had been wanting for years. I will continue to use her services and I cannot recommend her enough! Talk about a great way to start 2022!"

Gabriel Gonzalez
Dex + Co.
Client of Noble Hearts:

“Owner really enbodies the name of the company, Noble Hearts. She is genuine, real and honest. Instant comfort working with her team.”

In addition to creating engaging recruitment campaigns custom to each position, NobleHearts HR Consulting uses these proven methods:

  • Cutting Edge Sourcing
    Our tech-savvy skills create candidate pools using advanced Boolean string creations. This coding allows us to source more candidates within social media, job boards, internet search engines, and professional associations. This technique connects us with active applicants looking for new opportunities as well as passive candidates demonstrating interest in the position once engaged by a talent sourcer using call, text, or email.
  • Flexible Availability
    In today's hybrid work environment, we know that scheduling can be complex for those juggling work and life which doesn’t always fall neatly into an 8 hour work day. Our hours of operation are between 7 am to 8 pm EST seven days a week because we want to ensure that our team is always available to connect with our clients in their preferred time slot.
  • Approachable Work Ethic
    Our company-wide goal is to make sure we are always accessible, welcoming and the first and last resource for all of your HR needs. Our collaborative spirit guarantees that we can support hiring managers and candidates with an end to end comfortable and even enjoyable HR experience! We don't push people into opportunities that are not a match for the sake of numbers, because numbers only tell part of the story. Our vision is to find sustainable and serene solutions in a timely manner that infuse caring, compassion and respect into all aspects of our process. For NobleHearts, success is measured by user experience just as much as our exemplary track record!
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Some of the companies we have partnered with
At Noble Hearts we have a deep understanding of Non-Profit HR operational structures. When we partner with non-profits, we can provide support while keeping the core purpose of your organization at the heart of everything we do.

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