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Why Work With an M/WBE Certified Company

  • Diversity & Inclusion: Partnering with an MWBE Certified company provides the kind of diversification your business wants to represent. These companies offer a wide array of experience, skills, and insights, along with the kind of perspective your company needs to reach all possible clientele.
  • Incentive: Federal, state, and local government have established tax programs for organizations that partner with MWBE Certified companies. These incentive programs are designed to reduce tax liabilities for projects funded with federal and/or state loans and can include grants when the producer or supplier is a woman-owned business. Some states also offer additional tax incentives for doing business with an MWBE-certified company.
  • ROI and Procurement: A study conducted by the Hackett Group showed increased profits with a 130% return on investment. MWBE Certified companies have shown an additional competitive advantage through sound procurement efforts. Thus, if you want increased revenue, consider working with an MWBE.
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Noble Hearts envisions a world where good talent, good companies and good advice come together to enrich organizational cultures through improved business performance and employee engagement.


Our mission is to provide a sense of SERENITY to human resources departments in need of agile solutions to issues faced by all stakeholders of an organization. How do we do this? We provide expert guidance that strengthens internal capabilities while ensuring peaceful results to complex and difficult situations.

Core Values

We PRIDE ourselves in being leaders who provide morally viable HR support services. Our team brings INTEGRITY into situations that can be challenging.

Providing TRUSTED guidance to any stakeholder - from intern to CEO - is always our priority. We ensure DIVERSITY, EQUITY and INCLUSION are woven into every aspect of our business.

Our Greater Purpose

Noble Hearts is guided by principles beyond our business goals to make a lasting social impact in the HR Sector. We provide meaningful services to the community to ensure that those that need expert, trusted, and objective guidance have access to our services. Navigating the human resources world can be a daunting and often financially straining experience, particularly for BIPOC communities. We strive to ensure these underserved clients are empowered with the right advice at the right time to reach the types of professional milestones previously unavailable to them.

Noble Hearts is proud to offer a complimentary 15 minute consultation to anyone seeking expert guidance from our co-founder Matinah Drew. No question is too small or big for Matinah as she welcomes the chance to support anyone in need of impartial, nuanced and heartfelt advice.

Why Partner With Us

Human Resources is often viewed as the “Face of your Company”.

Noble Hearts can help you put your best face forward.

The nuances of managing Human Resources can be complex and decisions can impact every aspect of your organization. HR Employees can make significant mistakes when thrown into the fire having to learn all on their own, with employers navigating tricky and sensitive issues without trusted and objective expert guidance. How these issues are resolved are the difference between a functioning organization to one that is thriving. Our certified Human Resources professionals are equipped with the diverse skills to support your organization at any point in the HR lifecycle because every team member brings a unique perspective to our work.

We have a specific expertise in sourcing candidates for those NICHE positions that are hard to fill. By investing in the kind of resources that ensure resumes sourced are not only from industry competitors, but also have experience in or around position specifics, we are ahead of those agencies who use a broad brush to send you sources who are partially or significantly under qualified.  We deep dive into the market, use language in our descriptions that reach out to that niche candidate, and search for industry specific areas where these candidates are easily sourced.

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“We want the transition from candidate to employee to be serene and seamless and aim to do this by taking the “Hierarchy” out of the hiring process.”
— Matinah Drew.

Meet The Team


Matinah Drew


Matinah made her way to Human Resources through several inspirational positions; as an Employment Specialist focusing on successful job placement for individuals with a mental health diagnosis, as a Direct Care Worker for the developmentally disabled, and as a Job Coach for the same populations of people. These positions helped set a strong foundation that gave her the balance she needed to launch her career in the industry.

20+ years later, Matinah’s passion for Human Resources helped her grow into the leader she was destined to become. After being the lead HR Executive at various non-profits and healthcare organizations, Matinah saw the value and importance of virtual consultancy. This role expanded her portfolio of industry expertise to include working with startups and emerging and transitioning businesses nationwide. Because of this work, in 2014, Matinah decided to open Noble Hearts HR Consulting Inc. Throughout her career, Matinah collaborated with employers in forming initiatives that created a diverse workforce and work environments that fostered cohesion, respect, and dignity across all diversity spectrums.

Matinah holds Master’s degrees in Human Resources, Organizational Development, and Clinical Psychology and professional HR certifications with SHRM-SCP and PHR. Additionally, she is a certified talent sourcer and internet recruiter.

Visit Matinah’s LinkedIn page for reviews.


Derrick Brown

Vice President of Operations

Derrick brings his decades of operations and finance expertise to the Noble Hearts team. Derrick knew in 2012 that HOW this future team of 2 worked and WHAT they were working for needed to change. As a contract employee, the constantly changing work environments brought forth the WHEN to start this company with Matinah. In 2014, the creation of Noble Hearts HR finally brought the work-life balance that they needed for their family.

Derrick has 20+ years of business accounting experience with an expertise in compliance, payroll, procurement, transactional accounting, policy and procedure refinement, and maintaining all auditing processes. Derrick is an inspirational leader for the Noble Hearts team who looks to work with clients so they can reach their goals.

With Matinah, Derrick manages a growing team of global staff across a variety of functions that support the day to day operations of the business. He aims to grow the Noble Hearts network and footprint in the human resources industry in order to reach a variety of new partners and clients around the country. Derrick enjoys spending time with his family and co-piloting with Matinah and their family on their road trips around the country.



HR Specialist

Ryan has been working with Noble Hearts for 3 years and has a BA in International Business.  His over 5 years of work in the Human Resources industry is what makes him a key player on the Noble Hearts team. The overall diversity and positive work environment are what keep him engaged on a day-to-day basis, and he enjoys focusing on the company’s future by researching RFP’s and developing submissions that keep the company’s sales force focused. Ryan believes in an ever-evolving HR industry whose future will see the importance of companies like Noble Hearts.  For this reason, Ryan works diligently as a marketing specialist finding the right kinds of clients that need Noble Hearts expertise.



Talent Sourcing & Candidate Engagement Specialist

Maria has been working with Noble Hearts for 3 years and brings with her a Bachelor’s degree and over 20 year’s management & QA experience. She values her time with her family and loves the flexibility working with Noble Hearts provides her. Maria feels that the future of HR lies within the success of companies like Noble Hearts who bring corporate HR expertise to any company at any level. This kind of HR consulting, she believes, will only continue to grow.



HR Specialist

New to the company, Karla brings to Noble Hearts the expertise of Social Work. With a BA in the field and 2 years working in the industry, her knowledge in working with people and understanding the specifics of the human condition helps Noble Hearts resolve those complex HR issues that companies look to in a consulting firm. Karla enjoys working with her team and believes in the promise of growth that Noble Hearts works to achieve with every new project.



Talent Sourcing & HR Specialist

Ayn Galado is an experienced Talent Sourcer who is tech-savvy, competent in Boolean string creations, and holds a Masters in Psychology. She is a newer member of the Noble Hearts team but brings her HIGH-QUALITY output and EFFICIENT manner. Ayn helps clients achieve their staffing goals with her resourceful and organized manner. She is an excellent support to the team! She greatly understands that urgency and accountability for one's work are essential to helping companies succeed.

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We offer free consultations with the founder of NobleHearts HR Consulting, Matinah Drew. See first hand how we can best aid your HR ventures and get started on creating HR processes that are logical and timeless.

We offer free consultations with the founder of NobleHearts HR Consulting, Matinah Drew. See first hand how we can best aid your HR ventures and get started on creating HR processes that are logical and timeless.

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