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Our core competencies that help our clients reach their goals

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  • HR Department Set Up; Updating Infrastructure

    • Setting up benefits, human capital management platform, creation of handbooks, policies and procedures, orientation, onboarding, and much more

  • Record Maintenance

    • HCM & HRIS platform selection & implementation
    • Compliance reporting
    • Responding to verification of employment
    • Onboarding & offboarding

  • Recruitment Process Outsource (RPO)

    • Staff Augmentation- We supplement your existing recruiting team or serve as the primary recruiter. We hire and employ the recruiter for the project or assignment

    Staffing Support A La Carte

    • Job description development
    • Compensation assessment
    • Job postings
    • Candidate sourcing
    • Resume and interview screening
    • Interview coordination
    • Reference and background checks
    • Offer letters
    • New hire onboarding

  • Staffing Agency: Short or Long Term Contract Assigments

    • Noble Hearts will hire staff directly to their payroll for short or long term assignments

  • Executive Search

    • Direct Placement - 10% - 20% of first years annual salary
    • For executives, management, & niche roles

  • Employee Engagement & Benefits

    • Design competitive benefit programs, trainings and day to day administration
    • Benefits & Leave of Absence Administration
    • Communications Management in an “edutaining” way
    • We provide fun, informative educational content to keep your on site and remote staff engaged, informed and interactive

  • Payroll Administration

    • Prepare and input payroll data
    • Manage payroll deductions, reimbursements
    • Assist with State and Federal taxes
    • Prompt processing of deduction requests, bonuses, severance pay, and more.

  • Innovative Training

    • Our custom training solutions are interactive and will incorporate webinars, gamification, micro-learning videos, and experiential activities.

  • Coaching Business Leadership & Emerging HR Professionals

    • Growing your leader’s skill sets, improving management tactics, and become more efficient and inspiring.
    • Virtual coaching to train-up your HR team leads in process development, prioritization, compliance / audit readiness, investigations, employee relations, benefit program design, team building

  • Innovative and Custom Training Solutions.

    • Noble Hearts has developed modern training modules that are engaging, empowering and encourage creative thinking and problem solving for our clients. We know how tedious the traditional training session has often been, with lackluster engagement and often little progress after the experience. We have taken our best learnings and incorporated our insights on innovative ways to encourage your talent to embrace business and management development opportunities.

      Remote or in-person coaching options are available to train your team leads in everything from:

      • Process development
      • Task prioritization
      • DEI management
      • Employee Relations
      • Critical thinking and Bias recognition
    • Our trainings are interactive and incorporate a number of engagement options including webinars, gamification, videos, and experiential activities.

      Trainings and Activities are Facilitated In-Person or Virtual Upon Request
      ** Post- training Add- Ons available including:

      • Small Group Coaching
      • Individual Employee or Employer Coaching
      • Mediation Services

** Custom Retainer or Contract Options Available for all of the above
** Pricing Available Upon Request

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