What To Do When a Company Has Bad Reviews


When on the job hunt, you can spend relentless hours, reading job postings, checking emails, and tweaking your resume, then boom- you come across the perfect job match. You read the description, it entails the perfect pay, ideal location, and responsibilities that match your strengths – you go for it. After a few days go by, emails are exchanged, an interview occurs, and ultimately it turns out you got the job!

Realizing the dream job you hoped for so long, could actually be a nightmare

To prepare for your first day and learn about the culture of the business you are joining, you do some online research. What you come across is repeated comments and advice from former and current employees, that says beware of high negativity, stress, and disrespectful treatment from management. Now you are realizing the dream job you hoped for so long could actually be a nightmare and you want to continue your job search.

How do you break the news to your friendly recruiter and still maintain a healthy relationship for possible future interactions?

Speak Up

If the employer that you are interested in has a few too many negative reviews, it’s best to speak up and be inquisitive. No amount of money is worth the daily strain on your life, no amount of bonuses or position titles is worth the mistreatment it took to get there.

Before you sign that new hire packet, advise the recruiter of what is important to you in workplace culture and why. By informing the recruiter, they may be willing to advocate and speak with the prospective employer and obtain reassurance about what can be expected, along with what will be a detractor to the retention of this prospective candidate, if what occurs in the reviews happens to him or her.

Communicate Expectations Clearly

Communicating expectations is critical. Why? As good as the pay is and as much as you may enjoy the work, over time repeated negative experiences can actually affect you mentally. It can change your temperament and attitude so much that family, friends, and co-workers may not recognize you and may even distance themselves. All this because of the energy you bring forth, which is a reaction to the environment you work in.

Find Out How The Company Has Handled It

Simply having a conversation with your recruiter is the best way for them to explain the client’s situation. With conversation, you can learn what the client has done to address the negative impressions or ways they have modified the work environment to improve the employee experience.

At the end of the day, a good recruiter will not only care about the placement for the client but the needs of the candidate as well. So simply talk to them before making any big decisions.

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