zoom, zoom meeting

Why This Zoom Couldn’t Just Be an Email

Another day, another jam-packed schedule full of meetings. 

We’ve all thought it- “Why does this meeting even exist? It could be solved through an email?”

zoom, zoom meeting

And you would be right. There is a significant percentage of meetings that could be reduced to a series of emails or slacks, freeing up precious screen time. However, for certain topics, notably, those that are sensitive or personal in nature, much gets lost in translation through text. 

Context, subtle body language, social cues, and personality are all diminished via email or Slack which can lead to misunderstandings and even conflict. Depending on what the reader is doing at the moment, an email may not get the due consideration it deserves or alternatively, can be nitpicked far beyond the original intent.  

Beyond the possible difficult situations that may arise from an email that went sideways, there is another important factor to consider. Human connection. 

In a time when hybrid work schedules permit less and less face-to-face time with your colleagues, sometimes utilizing Zoom in a smart manner can help build professional relationships and increase team cohesion and solidarity. As comfortability with the people on the other side of the screen grows in cadence, a level of understanding and insight develops as you learn the nuances of your colleagues in ways that simple emails cannot capture. Not only can this lead to greater productivity and more successful outcomes, but additional benefits such as trust, understanding, and even friendship can develop. 

So before you schedule that Zoom and eat into someone’s day, give the meeting purpose a second and even third consideration. Is there an additional benefit for the meeting beyond just resolving the issue? Is there a deeper connection or new way to build relationships with others that will go beyond just this meeting? If so, build in a moment or two to really go beyond the issue at hand and get to know your colleagues. Who knows, you may just develop a bond that defies expectations and actually thrives via a Zoom chat!