The Transformative Power of Trainings

As if your day wasn’t hectic enough, you notice an 11 a.m. Training Hold on your calendar. Rather than use that precious hour to catch up on work or prepare for an important task later in the day you need to sit through a training with a well-intentioned, but not your supervisor, so do you really have to listen, instructor. 

Even the most open-minded and ready-to-learn team player has groaned when asked to appear at a mandated training. And let’s be honest- for very good reason. Numerous required trainings have not been updated since the 90s, using language, scenarios, and solutions that are as outdated as the choice of clothing used by the actors. Perhaps a smart organization has invested in cutting-edge graphics, inspirational speakers, and interesting learnings supported by impressive research. None of it matters unless the viewer feels as if the training is valuable, or relevant to their unique situation. If they can’t provide advice that applies to their day-to-day lives, they will have a hard time staying attentive. And that is exactly what an artfully crafted training can do- help employees and their supervisors both come out of the experience having gained valuable insights they can take with them their whole careers. 

Start Developing Your Next Training!

Noble Hearts has created trainings for organizations that cover a variety of issues- from uncovering biases and understanding critical thinking to understanding DEI in the workplace. We understand how to keep a training fresh and engaging, with activities and thought starters born out of our own experiences in terrible trainings. We asked the question- what would WE have liked to learn when placed in difficult situations BEFORE the situation ever started? What are useful skills and techniques we wish we had learned at the right time? In tandem with the unique needs of our clients, we create training experiences with the goal to not only help employees with key skill development but do so in a way that is thoughtful, and respectful and takes into account the diversity of human experiences. 

Reach out to Noble Hearts today to learn how we can develop your next training. Whether in person or virtual, we can create a custom training to solve your unique needs!