How to Become A Good Young Leader


Starting a new job is nerve-wracking by self. But when you’re a young leader or boss, there’s additional pressure to fit into the culture and manage older, more experience, employees.  Here are some ways to help you promote a cordial, professional, and positive working relationship.

Make A Great First Impression Because You Won’t Get A Second One

The saying “first impressions last forever” is a staple that will always reign true. When your boss first introduces you to the team, giving them a great first impression that best represents your drive, character, and work ethic can be an excellent way to break the ice.

Establish Your Role

Establish your role when you first meet everyone, explain your position, and where you stand within the team. Making it clear why the senior management may have hired you and the expectations placed upon you, can put some employees at ease and be a step to guiding the department and the company in a great direction. Remember your ultimate goal should be to develop a professional and cordial relationship with those you have to give guidance to, this will lead to a productive work environment.

Team Building Activities

Fun and engaging team building activities are a stellar way to learn about your coworkers and vice versa. These types of events can be a way to show your new team how you best work and strategize and can stand as an example of how you all can work together when certain situations arise.

Give It Time

If you do take up a new position of leadership, don’t expect everyone to love you automatically. There are some instances in which an employee may have been waiting to get promoted to that position, or perhaps, that was the position of their favorite coworker, and now they have to warm up to you. If their emotions are not to the point where they are disruptive or counterproductive, it’s best to remain cordial, professional and to give them their time and space to think things over and adjust to you.

Ask for Guidance

Although you may have graduated top of your class, and have that high degree, asking for the advice, guidance, and opinion of an older or more experienced coworker not only shows humility but respect.

Asking for the view of a coworker is another way to share a mutual and professional liking towards one another because it shows you recognize their hard work and also appreciate them as a person. It can express to them that you are down to earth, and although your title may say otherwise, you have a lot to learn from them, and you’re eager about it.

Team Milestone Celebrations

Another way to further encourage employees that may be on the fence is by celebrating milestones made by a member of the team or the team as a whole. Once employees come to realize that not only do you recognize and see all of their hard work but that you also appreciate them for it, they’ll finally let their guard down.

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