Help! My Boss has Body Odor and Bad Breath



My boss has body odor and bad breath. What can I do about this issue?


Diplomacy and empathy are key here, its in your best interest to defer to HR.

Personal hygiene is a sensitive subject that may be influenced by a person’s poor habits to cultural norms or a health issue. HR can professionally and sensitively explore the issue with the manager. Many workplaces have dress codes or policies that include personal hygiene requirements. These requirements would be discussed in any conversation that HR has with a boss who has body odor or bad breath. Sometimes a personal hygiene issue stems from cultural norms or a medical condition. If this is the case, HR will respond empathetically while addressing the issue professionally.

Another recommendation is to suggest to your employer to have mints in jars around the office, and when walking into a meeting, take one for yourself and offer one to others as well. It is also becoming more common for employers to take a proactive approach by having toiletries in the bathrooms such as mouthwash, deodorants, and bath towelettes. The addition of such amenities will hopefully result in employees proactively initiating self-care.

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